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Food Industry / ECA Workshop 

                        Semiramis Inter.Continental Jan 30- 31, 2012


Amman Workshop The Future is NOT the Way it used to be...!!!

LandMark Hotel Amman     15-16   November 2011    "  E-tanweer"


        What does "Thumbs up" mean in different Countries??

Objectives/Learning Outcomes of the Workshop:

  1. Learn about Integrated Marketing Communication theory and practice.”How to get  the biggest bang for your Buck”
  2. What is the background of Advertising and Public Relations in the MENA Region?
  3. How the first Events Management Company was formed in the MENA Region. How to organize local, regional, international events.
  4. How to market your products / services.Case studies will include:
  • American Express and Visa Cards.
  • Schweppes and Coke carbonated soft drinks.
  • Cadbury and other confectionery products.
  • Nestle and Viva! dairy products.
  • Colgate – Palmolive soap, shave cream, dental cream, shampoo. How the multi-nationals view the region.
  • Wilkinson Sword razor blades.
  • Cheverolet, Bedford, Isuzu pickups. Giving three identities to the same product and creating the generic name “El Dabbaba”
  • Banking services.
  • How to create loyalty for an edible oil (Sila) while breaking the rules.
  • Dilmah Tea. The story behind the story.
  • American Wheat. How to brand and sell a commodity.

5. Public Relations Case Studies will include:

  • The Privatization of the Pepsi Cola Bottler by Coca Cola.
  • Crisis Management after the first terrorist attack in Luxor.
  • Media Training.

6. Creative Strategy and How to Communicate Effectively. International and Regional case studies in Print and Audio-visual Media.

  • How to get the Big Idea. Anyone can become creative.
  • Mind Mapping and Brainstorming.
  • Presentation Skills. “What Every ‘Body’ is Saying”.
  • The 5P’s of Public Speaking
  • “Three things matter in a speech...”

7. Public Service Awareness campaigns in Health, Education, Environment.

  • Outreach and Behavior Change Communication Workshops.
  • Mass Wedding Event in Minia (logistics).
  • Conference on Sustainable Development (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • Cairo Air Improvement Campaign. “The Operation was a Success, But the Patient Died”
  • Campaigns on Avian flu, swine flu, hepatitis, AIDS, Nutrition.
  • Healthy Workforce, Healthy Business (Johns Hopkins Program).

8. Corporate Social Responsibility in Egypt:Past, Present, Future

  • Is CSR really understood?
  • “Giving the Fish and Teaching Someone How to Fish”


Egypt: The Way Forward:

Behavior Change Communication 

Ain Sokhona, November 18,2011

Canadian Egyptian Business Council 





Luxor Sustainability Workshop


Effective CSR Communication Workshop


What others have said:

“Attending the workshop offered me an insight about the most effective communication tools, it has been an effective networking opportunity and beneficial in terms of information and applicable case studies. It will definitely impact my field of work and hopefully learnings will be shared with my team and clients"

Nadine Tadros-  Tactix Strategic Consulting

"CSR communication is one of the most vital aspects in the CSR world. Having the chance to identify guidelines of developing a CSR communication policy has fed our mission to alleviate our CSR program"

Khulood Hindiyeh -  CSR Manager Arab Bank

“I thoroughly enjoyed Schema’s CSR Communication Workshop. Learning about a relatively new field and engaging one-on-one with a team of professionals in both Corporate Responsibility and Communication provided for a holistic approach to achieving my objectives. As a ‘different’ audience member to my fellow participants from the private sector, and coming from a semi-governmental organisation, I found that the different perspectives on how to tackle CSR made the overall experience all the more challenging!”     

Alia H. Zureikat -  Director Communication and International Relations Department,  Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities

"Dear Sir,

i really want to thank you for inviting me for the CSR workshop. i really learned a lot and i hope one day i'll have 1/2 of your knowledge and still be as modest as you are.... i think really people should pay for such event, but dont start with me :-)
thanks for everything..."

Amr Lashin

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never  go back to its old  dimensions’’                          
For me this quote works quite  well as that experience was Mr.Galal  Zaki himself .
 I am not going to talk about  how much information I learned about  the world, advertising,  Integrated Marketing Communication and life, because there is no way to deny that I was enriched by the experience I gained at the ECA Workshop.

Fatma El Zahraa