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Mr. Zaki is a leading expert in Integrated Marketing Communications, with extensive experience in public education projects, corporate advertising and public relations campaigns, government programs and privatization communication. As CEO of Perception Communication, Mr. Zaki brings a wealth of local and international experience, culminating in his selection as Secretary General of the 36th International Advertising Association (IAA) World Congress, and Chairman of the Program and Speakers' Committee (1998).  Mr. Zaki personally authored the IAA Song "It's a Small World Today, Thanks to You, IAA" (1998) which has since been adopted by the IAA for use worldwide.  He was also responsible for organizing Egypt's first international conference on advertising and marketing in the Arab world, ADVISTA ARABIA (1987).

Following the tragedy of 9/11 Mr. Zaki wrote and produced the song "Love the World, We are One" as a message of love and peace from Egypt to the United States and the rest of the world.

During his 35 years in the field of communication, Mr. Zaki has served as senior counsel with government clients at the highest level, including the Ministries of Health, Environment, Tourism, Interior and Foreign Affairs. Mr. Zaki headed a Crisis Management Secretariat during the 1992 terrorist activities. The objective was to generate balanced media coverage in Western Europe and the US. Mr. Zaki was also responsible for developing a comprehensive privatization communication program for the Egyptian government. 

Mr. Zaki has also worked on several USAID and EU-funded public service projects on Family Planning, Reproductive Health and Environment.

During the past 12 years Mr. Zaki received 11 advertising awards of which 6 awards were in the field of FP, RH and nutrition.



2003 Present
CEO, Perception Communication

2002 2006
Partner, TBWA\Roya

1992 2002
Partner, Intermarkets Egypt.

With his extensive experience in Integrated Marketing Communications, Mr. Zaki has become one of the few Egyptian communications professionals with practical experience in sophisticated public relations, as opposed to advertising or marketing disciplines in isolation. This has included senior counsel and strategic planning with senior executives of major corporate clients such as American Express, Arab African International Bank, Avon Cosmetics, British Airways, Chloride Batteries,  Coca-Cola, , Colgate-Palmolive, DANIDA , Egyptian American Bank, Hoover Vacuum Cleaners, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Pizza Hut, Singapore Airlines,  US Wheat , Visa Card, Xerox as well as for Egyptian Government clients at the most senior level including the Ministries of Health and Population, Environment, Tourism, Interior and Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Zaki has also worked as creative consultant on USAID-funded public service projects on Family Planning and on combating schistosomiasis (bilharzia).  This work included all stages from concept to execution including evaluation of pre-post test results. His role was to develop and execute a multi-media communications program.

In a FP/RH campaign entitled " A Man is Not Only By His Words" aimed at putting the onus on men, Mr. Zaki produced 14 TV spots which proved extremely successful culminating in one of the spots, "El Sakya" or "The Water-wheel" winning the Cairo Festival's Golden Award for the best public service commercial (1995).

Mr. Zaki worked on the POP III and POP IV development of the USAID-funded Private Sector Initiative (PSI) Family Planning program, developing the now renowned logo and slogan of, " Ask, Consult".  Over an 8-year period, Mr. Zaki and his team developed from concept to final product 25 TV spots, 11  radio spots, 54 radio programs, 14 TV programs.

Mr. Zaki also worked on the EC-Support to Population Program in Qena and Sohag developing award - wining TV spots, "zagal" cassette tapes, radio programs, misconception booklet, ante-natal booklet, media van tapes, a documentary film as well as participating in outreach programs.

While serving as Accreditation Officer of the International Advertising Association (IAA) Diploma for the Middle East I had the American University in Cairo accredited and taught advertising and PR there and at Cairo University for a number of years.  I have also taught IMC at the International Academy for Modern Sciences (IAMS) and the Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA).

Mr. Zaki recommended and executed the amendment of the Clinical Services Improvement Project logo in a relaunch campaign as it was not previously understood, and this was creatively adapted in two TV spots that resulted in increased client traffic.

Mr. Zaki also supervised and coordinated a research conducted on behalf of the Regional Center for Training in FP and RH regarding competitive training institutes in Egypt.  RCT's strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities were also assessed; this with a view to improving RCT's marketing capabilities and working towards sustainable development.

Minya Experience:

Participated in several outreach programs in Minya, including the BCC workshops training several media groups in FP/RH issues.  Mr. Zaki is also on the committee that is evaluating the best media output resulting from the BCC workshops.  Mr. Zaki also supervised the documenting of five clinics in Nazlet El Amoden, Bergaya, Sawada, Dawoodeya and El Tayeba which have undergone renovation. 

He was awarded a trophy of appreciation by the Governor of Minya for voluntary work to promote the governorate of Minya.

Mr. Zaki worked on the creative strategy for the National Polio Campaign.  Work included the development of a logo as well as a mass media advertising and PR campaign.

In November 2003, Mr. Zaki developed and executed the creative strategy for FreeStyle, a self-monitoring blood glucose meter, in a multi-media campaign.  A record number of 1,400 participants were obtained in one day at an event that took place in Carrefour Supermarket.

Mr. Zaki developed all materials for the Egyptian-International Conference on Protected Areas for the Ministry of Environment from logo to conference theme, to all print materials, signage (outdoor and indoor).  The whole event was handled in coordination with Emeco Travel to include registration, booking venues, meet and assist, travel and accommodation bookings and pre and post conference tours.  Mr. Zaki also produced the launch A/V song for the conference which was attended by more than 20 Ministers, mainly from the Arab world.

Mr. Zaki headed a Crisis Management Secretariat during the terrorist activities. The objective was to respond quickly and generate pro-active material on Egypt's image in 5 countries in Europe: Italy, U.K., France, Germany, and Spain, as well as in the U.S.

Mr. Zaki has also produced a Stock Market / Financial weekly TV Program funded by USAID/AmCham.

Mr. Zaki has directed the work on communications for the Coca-Cola investment and privatization program in Egypt, providing senior counsel to Coca-Cola executives, developing contact and media placements with senior Egyptian journalists and editors, and creating print advertising and advertorial as part of an integrated privatization communications program.

He was also responsible for developing a comprehensive communications program on privatization for the Egyptian government.

Mr. Zaki launched an extensive Integrated Marketing Communication program for US Wheat to promote American Wheat over competitive imported wheat sales to Egypt. He created the first ever American Wheat Information Center and a Quality Seal which has been approved by the Foreign Agricultural Service and the US Department of Agriculture and which is being used worldwide.

Consequently Mr. Zaki has worked as consultant to the World Health Organization on a regional communications program for iron-enriched flour.

1979 1988:

Vice President, Creative Director, Americana Advertising. Also served as Executive Vice President of AAPIC - Arab African Promoters for International Conferences - and in 1987 organized Egypt's first International conference on advertisingand marketing in the Arab-World - ADVISTA ARABIA.

Previously served as an announcer on Radio Cairo and as an editor at the Egyptian Gazette.